TIME:O:STAT ONE - Landlord SMART Thermostat (PREORDER)

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Simple to use SMART room thermostat designed for the guest market, serviced accommodation, Airbnb and holiday caravans. The TIME:O:STAT ONE can also be used for HMO and Student houses.

Your guests can simply press the Heating On button to boost the heating. The boost time and temperature are set by the landlord. Your guests will be thrilled that they can easily turn the heating on, while the landlord can be confident the heating has not been left running when the guests are not home.

Use your smartphone or tablet to access the TIME:O:STAT Landlord app. This can help you control and monitor heating use across your portfolio. The TIME:O:STAT Landlord app  operations require a wi-fi connection. The TIME:O:STAT can however can be installed and operated without SMART connection or the requirement of wi-fi connection. 

Wired for 3 or 4 wired connection to boiler, with no batteries required. 

Single channel designed for combi-boilers or system boiler*

Can also be used with zoned heating systems (zone valve control)

Typically one Time:o:stat is required per property (one Time:o:stat for each boiler or zone)

1 year warranty


Landlord App** (remotely change settings, turn on heating and monitor usage)

Out of the Box (fit and forget solution - App/Wi-Fi not required if not desired)

Single Button Operation (very easy to operate - heating can not be left running)

Heating Countdown  (thermostatically optimised - heating can not be left running)

Auto-program (heating can be programmed to come on several times per day)

Maximum Temp Restriction Options (landlord can choose a maximum temp limit)

Minimum Temp Options (night-time and day-time minimum temps can be set) 

Seasonal Mode (restricted heating functions during summer or student holidays)

Open Window Detection (Cuts the heating demand if open window detected)

Boiler Plus Compliant (SMART thermostat with automation and optimisation)

Additional Options (AutoDrop and MinTemp+ modes) 

*  A separate timer may be required for the TIME:O:STAT to work with system boilers comprising a hot water tank.

** The Landlord app is not required to setup or operate the TIME:O:STAT ONE. It will work 'out of the box' with no need for Wi-Fi or an internet connection. The remote functions and Landlord app features can be accessed at a later date if desired. To access the remote functions the app will need to be downloaded from the Apple or Android store. The Time:o:stat will also need internet and Wi-Fi connection to access these SMART functions.


Monitor your portfolio 100+ properties on the same login)

View each house temperature and countdown time remaining at a glance

Change advanced settings remotely, and save/apply settings profiles

Tenant Score - which evaluates the heating boost behaviour     

House Score - which evaluates heating system efficiency and house insulation

Optional Tenant App to allow remote 30 minute remote tenant boost.

For Apple and Android smart phones and tablets 


How can the Time:o:stat help?

You will no longer experience inspecting your properties to find the heating on full blast, windows open and no tenants in sight. Help systemise your portfolio by not micromanaging your tenants heating. The Time:o:stat boiler control replaces a conventional room thermostat and is easily installed. Time:o:stat is tamper-proof and very easy to use. It regulates temperature while controlling the heating period through a time delay countdown timer. When the time runs out the heating shuts down. This can drastically cut heating bills while still allowing tenants to operate the heating when home, freeing up time and money for the landlord.


For bulk purchase claim a 5% discount when you purchase 5 or more Time:o:stats of any model using the discount code TRADEPACK 

TIME:O:STAT is a registered trademark of Timeostat Ltd
Patent GB1600514.2a