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Landlord Thermostats for HMO & Airbnb



Landlord Thermostats for HMO & Airbnb



Landlord Thermostats Designed by Landlords

Are your landlord heating bills expensive in you HMO rental or holiday home? Is the heating being left on high throughout the night and while tenants are not at home? TIME:O:STAT tamper-proof heating controls will cut your landlord gas bills dramatically. Call our sales team on: 02034757711

Landlord Thermostat

TIME:O:STAT is trusted by over 10,000 landlords. Designed by a HMO landlord it can cut heating bills by up to 40%.

Perfect for HMO rentals

HMO landlords will not be paying to heat an empty house. TIME:O:STAT CLASSIC's easy to use heating controls are very popular with tenants.

Airbnb and Holiday Caravans

Keep the bills low in your serviced accommodation. With the new TIME:O:STAT ONE, guests can turn on the heating with a single button.

timeostat hmo landlord thermostat classic leaf

Boost heating with countdown

Tenants simply add the timer to start the heating. Up to a maximum set by the landlord. (default - 2 hours)

Easy to adjust temperature

Tenants can increase or decrease temperature as desired.

Auto-program mode

Limited periods of time can be automatically added twice a day. (e.g. as tenants wake and return from work / university)

Landlord Thermostats for HMO and Serviced Accommodation

We have different models of thermostat to suit the individual needs of the landlord and their tenant profile. The CLASSIC is perfect for HMO properties where the tenant needs a little more control of the heating. The ONE is designed for guest accommodation where easy tenant operation is essential.

CLASSIC- Perfect for HMO

ONE - for Airbnb and Holiday Caravans

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Save up to 40%

Countdown Boost Timer

With TIME:O:STAT, landlords will no longer find the heating on full blast, while the tenants are not home. Tenants can easily turn on the heating by adding time to the countdown boost timer. When the timer runs out the heating turns off. This means tenants do not need to remember to turn off the heating and the landlord is not paying to heat an empty property. Tenants love the easy to read screen and simple buttons. Landlords love the huge savings, from fitting this trusted HMO thermostat. Call our sales team on: 02034757711

Features and Benefits

The thermostat has many landlord specific features. Whether you have a high end HMO or student property, the TIME:O:STAT HMO thermostat can be customised by the landlord to the exact needs of the HMO. Call our sales team on: 02034757711

Countdown Heating Timer

The core TIME:O:STAT feature. Tenants can boost the heating for a limited period. The duration is determined by the landlord.

Landlord App

The ONE model can use an app to romotely manage 100+ properties on a single login. (The app and wifi are optional and all models will work 'out of the box')

Simple Controls

Tenants love the easy to operate controls, with no complex menus and landlords not turning off heating remotely.

24hr Heating Schedule

Select a full 24hr heating schedule. Choose morning, day, evening and overnight times and temperatures. (ONE only)


Tenants can set two times of the day where the heating comes on automatically. The period of time determined by the landlord.

Max & Min Temperatures

The landlord can set a maximum temperature limit. They can also have a minimum temperature so the house does not drop below a certain temperature.

Comfort Warmth Mode

Innovative feature where the longer the time added to the countdown the lower the maximum allowed temperature for the boost.


The landlord can set and lock the thermostat to prevent tampering by guests and tenants.

'Fit and Forget'

Easily fit in under 30 minutes by and electrician. Works straight out of the box on the default settings.

Window & Humidity Sensor

Open window detection will turn off heating if triggered. Humidity levels are monitored with App notifications if desired. (ONE only)

Phone Notifications

Get notified of high temperature boosts, low house temperatures and high humidity levels. (ONE only)

Award Winning

Share in the confidence of the landlords and industry experts who voted for the Time:o:stat at the HMO Awards.




I've been using Timeostats for years now, amazing product and idea. I have met Anthony the company founder and he is a great landlord and entrepreneur, who is passionate about his idea. We've had excellent customer service from him personally. At times like these products such as this are even more important to help control our costs, every HMO landlord should consider using it.

Andrew M.


I work as a maintenance manager for a property company whos portfolio includes both serviced holiday lets and standard HMOs. This thermostat is ideal for both. It saves the landlord money and keeps the tenants/guests happy as it easy to use and provides heating when you need it. We have now installed about a dozen in different properties.

Northampton Student Houses


Very easy to install and has saved us around 50% on our HMO heating bills. Tenants are happy as they can put the heating on when they need it and I am happy as I know the heating is not running when they are not at home.

James D.


Love this idea and have fitted circa 40 units in our HMO's. If your reading this
take it from me well worth the cost. This is the best landlord thermostat we have tried.

Carol G


I have used around 10 now for my HMO clients, these have been fitted as part of the refurbishments i have carried out and every client/landlord I have installed one for have seen great savings in their HMO's highly recommended.


I thought at first tenants may have issues with it as in a lot of HMOs the tenants have the heating set to on constantly. However they were only doing this because as a house they all had varying schedules. This meant they couldnt decide on a programmed time. Now if someone gets up for work at 5am they can switch on the heating for an hour and if someone comes in from a night shift or night out they can easily switch it on for an hour.


Time:o:stat Landlord thermostats come with a 1 year warranty.

Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 9am-5.30pm.
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