Landlord Thermostat for HMO and Airbnb


The TIME:O:STAT CLASSIC is landlord thermostat for student accommodation and professional HMOs. It is easy for tenants to operate and helps landlords reduce their HMO heating bills by 40%. Tenants can easily boost the heating with a countdown timer. When the timer runs down, the heating turns off. The award winning, TIME:O:STAT is trusted by over 10,000 landlords.

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Landlord App

Manage and monitor the heating for all you properties on a single login. The landlord can change advanced settings and apply these across the whole portfolio.

Boost heating with countdown

Tenants simply add to the timer to start the heating. Up to a maximum set by the landlord. (default - 2 hours)

Easy to adjust temperature

Tenants can increase or decrease temperature as desired.

Countdown for Heating

Tenants can only boost the heating, so it can not be left running. Can save up to 40% on heating bills.

Simple Controls

Clear and intuitive user interface. Tenants will love the easy to operate controls with no complex menus.


The landlord can set and lock the thermostat to prevent tampering by guests and tenants.


Heating can be programmed to come on twice per day at different times. Duration time can be set by the landlord.

Maximum Temperature

Landlord can restrict the settings to a maximum allowable temperature.

Minimum Temperature

Minimum temperatures can be set. So the house temperature will not drop below that level. So your tenants will not get cold at night.

Seasonal Mode

Reduce heating functions and programs, during summer or student holidays.

Comfort Warmth Mode

Innovative feature where the longer the time added to the countdown the lower the maximum allowed temperature for the boost.

'Fit and Forget'

Easily fit in under 30 minutes by and electrician. Works straight out of the box on the default settings.

Award Winning

Share in the confidence of the landlords and industry experts who voted for the Time:o:stat HMO Thermostat at the HMO Awards.

Happy Landlord

There is less hassle for the landlord as no micromanagement is required. Set and forget! No need for checking an phone app.

Happy Tenants

The CLASSIC has no app, so tenants can be confident the landlord if not remotely interfering with their heating.