HMO Energy Saving Tips

In addition to fitting an TIME:O:STAT There are many ways landlords can improve the energy efficiency in their HMO properties. Below are some of the do's and don'ts for HMO landlords looking to save money across their portfolio. The following 10 tips are useful for HMO, serviced accommodation and in your own home.

HMO Landlord Energy saving tips electric radiator

Electric Heating

Electric energy costs are typically 5 x more expensive than gas. Electric heating systems also have a negative impact on the EPC rating for your rental property. There are also safety and landlord insurance implications with electric storage heaters and Infrared panels.

HMO Landlord Energy saving tips thermal curtains

Thermal Curtains & Blinds

Keep the heat in and the cold out. Thermal blinds or curtains can reduce heat loss through windows by 30%. They also reduce outside noise and light levels that can keep tenants awake at night. Thermal blinds are one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing HMO heating bills.

HMO Landlord Energy saving tips smart radiator valve

SMART Radiator Valves

Short battery life (typically 3 months) and 24hr room access notice creates a management nightmare. In a portfolio of 5 HMOs, you would typically be changing TRV batteries on 300 occasions per year. They can also easily be disabled by tenants. Simply unscrewing and removing them will open the valve. TIME:O:STAT is a better option, that can deliver 40% savings on heating bills, with no micromanagement.

HMO Landlord Energy saving tips air fryer

Air Fryers & Microwaves

Air fryers and Microwaves can cost less than £50 per year to run compared to £700 for an oven and hob. Air Fryers use considerably less energy and cook food more rapidly. Supplying a good microwave and large air fryer will encourage your tenants to take the more energy efficient option.

HMO Landlord Energy saving tips locked thermostat box

Thermostat Boxes

Denying tenants the ability to turn on the heating can be a breach of health and safety regulations. Remotely turning off tenants heating can also be deemed harassment. With a TIME:O:STAT tenants can turn on the heating with the countdown boost and it will turn off automatically.

HMO Landlord Energy saving tips boiling water tap

Boiling Water Taps

A boiling water tap is a strong selling point for potential tenants. It also costs around £120 less per year to run compared to a kettle. They can cost under £300 to buy, so can offer a good return on investment.

HMO Landlord Energy saving tips window sensor

Battery Powered Sensors

Window, door, motion and humidity sensors often require batteries to operate. These need to be changed regularly creating an HMO management burden. Motion sensors can cut the heating when tenants require it most, when they are sitting and not moving. TIME:O:STAT has integrated open window detection that do not require additional external sensors.

HMO Landlord Energy saving tips insulation

Insulation Improvements

These include double glazing, cavity wall insulation, roof insulation, insulated plasterboard and a new front door. Modern boilers, radiators, valves and power flushing can also improve heating system efficiency by over 30%.

HMO Landlord Energy saving tips under floor heating

Under Floor Heating

In HMO bedrooms there is a high concentration of furniture and tenant belongings on the floor. This makes underfloor heating inefficient and impractical. As energy is wasted heating beds, wardrobes, draws, desks and items on the floor.

TIME:O:STAT Room Thermostat

Landlords can save 40% on their HMO heating bills with a TIME:O:STAT. Designed by an HMO landlord, the award winning TIME:O:STAT is trusted by over 10,000 landlords and manufactured in the UK. Fit and forget installation and easy to operate controls.

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