TIME:O:STAT Landlord Features

Below is a comprehensive list of landlord features and options available to tailor your TIME:O:STAT thermostat to best meet your requirements. Whether you have an high end HMO, student rental, Airbnb or holiday caravan, our range of landlord specific features can tailor the thermostat to your requirements.

Below is a table displaying the features included for each model of TIME:O:STAT

TIME:O:STAT Features



Best for HMO Airbnb
Launched Feb 2020 March 2024
Models Available  Wired Mains
Wired Battery
Wired Mains
Landlord App (Wi-Fi)   ● 
Countdown heating timer ECO
ECO Boost  
Dynamic countdown ECO
Fixed countdown option ECO
Auto program
48hr auto-drop mode  
24hr schedule (4 times/temps)  
Min. temp. options Day / Night
MinTemp+ (optimised)  
Max. temp. options
Comfort mode (+night restriction)  
Seasonal Mode
Open Window Detection
Signal strength indicator wired only
User and House Ratings   
On screen setup (lockable)  
Bluetooth app setup
Battery life 18 months mains only
Humidity Detection
LCD display standard LED icons
12 month warranty