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Existing customers with the original Time:o:stats can trade them in for a discount on any new Time:o:stat 2.0 models.

To upgrade use the following process: 

  1. Use discount code UPGRADE
  2. Order one or more new Time:o:stat 2.0 units on the website as normal, using the discount code on checkout 
  3. Send one or more original Time:o:stat unit back for the trade-in* 
  4. The discount code will immediately give 5% discount on the order total 
  5. For each returned original Time:o:stat a £30 trade-in refund will be issued upon receipt* 

Please use the trade-in form below and include it with any returned Time:o:stats


* Please note: Maximum of one Time:o:stat trade-in for each new Time:o:stat 2.0 purchased