Which landlord thermostat do I need?

Ensure you have the perfect landlord thermostat, whether you have HMO, serviced accommodation, Airbnb or holiday caravans. TIME:O:STAT have two versions of landlord thermostat. Review the differences between the CLASSIC and ONE models below.

CLASSIC- Perfect for HMO

ONE - for Airbnb and Holiday Caravans



Trusted by over 10,000 landlords, the CLASSIC continues to be a favourite in HMOs. Many landlord prefer this 'fit and forget', hassle free solution. There is no landlord app, so no need to micromanage tenants heating.

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The best thermostat for Airbnb, serviced accommodation and holiday caravans. Your guests instinctively know how to turn on the heating, using the single button. Landlords use the app to configure the base settings.

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Compare our Landlord Thermostats

We have the best landlord thermostat for you requirements. Both models are easy 30 minute job for an electrician to connect to your boiler. Review the different functions of the CLASSIC and ONE landlord thermostats below:




Best For


Airbnb & Holiday Caravan

Key Features
  • Countdown for heating
  • Trusted by 10,000+ landlords
  • Award winning
  • Single button operation
  • Perfect for guest market
  • Heating system evaluation
Landlord App
  • No Landlord App
  • Fit and forget operation
  • Manage 100+ properties
  • Remotely change settings
  • Heating & humidity notifications


Secure panel


Boiler Connection
  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • 2-Channel (hot water)
  • Wired
Advanced Settings
  • Countdown customisation
  • 2 Auto-programs
  • Maximum Temperatures
  • Minimum Temperatures
  • Comfort Mode
  • Seasonal Settings
  • Eco Boost countdown
  • Auto-program / 24hr schedule
  • Maximum Temperatures
  • Minimum Temps (day & night)
  • Seasonal and student settings
  • MinTemp+
  • Humidity sensor
  • Open window detection

How my TIME:O:STAT connects to the boiler

Wired or Wireless??

There is a 3 or 4 wire connection between the boiler and the TIME:O:STAT. No batteries are required. This is the best choice if you are replacing an existing 3 or 4 wire thermostat, or can easily run a wire between the boiler and where you wish to position the TIME:O:STAT.

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