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About Time:o:stat

Timeostat Ltd is run by Anthony Cherry, an HMO landlord from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. He started investing in property from 2003 and now has a portfolio spread between Northampton and Aylesbury.

"I designed the Time:o:stat to solve a problem I was having as an HMO landlord. My tenants were not motivated to regulate the central heating in my houses. Often leaving the heating running full blast when nobody was home. As I offered a lucrative 'bills included' rental model I was essentially often paying to heat an empty house."

There was no apparent off the shelf solution that best serviced an HMO landlords needs. Many 'smart' solutions relied on taking time to micromanage tenants heating. Other options leave the heating running at times when tenants may be away from the property, often for long periods of time.

"I set about developing a solution for my personal use throughout my portfolio of HMO student houses. The results were impressive, up to 50% savings on heating bills in some of my properties. This compelled my to develop the Time:o:stat so other landlords could benefit from the money savings I had achieved."   

The Time:o:stat is a replacement for the current central heating room thermostat. It simply restricts the heating to a time period determined by the installer. By default this is 2 hours. The tenants have full control of the heating. But they can only have it running for 2 hours at a time. Meaning the heating can not be left running constantly and will turn itself off when the tenant goes to work/lectures/sleep/holiday/out in the evening.  Tenants love it as they can have the heating on whenever they like. Landlords love it because it saves both time and money as there is no need to micromanage the heating system. There are many additional installer functions and settings to the Time:o:stat which the landlord can set-up prior to installation to tailor it to their requirements. 

TIME:O:STAT is a registered trademark of Timeostat Ltd
Patent No. GB2546259 and Patent Pending GB1705233.3

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