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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Where do I fit my Time:o:stat?

The Time:o:stat is a direct replacement for the room thermostat. If you have one already it will likely be in a communal area of the house. The wired Time:o:stat can easily replace the old thermostat or the wireless model positioned at more flexible locations around the property.

How many do I need in the house?

You only need a single Time:o:stat for each boiler. 

How does the Time:o:stat save me time and hassle?

The Time:o:stat is operated by the tenants. This means the landlord will not heed to keep manually checking the thermostat and changing the program times. They will also not need to log onto complex remote temperature control systems to monitor, change and check-up on the tenants heating habits. You will save money without the hassle of time consuming micromanagement.

How does my Time:o:stat save me money?

By simply minimising the time the heating on when the tenants are away from the property or not cold. Regular thermostat heating programs do not take into account the occupation of the property. They programs will come on every day at the given times regardless of if the tenant is home or if they are cold. They can often also be turned on to maximum heat and left running constantly. The Time:o:stat is different as it is a switched thermostat that only heats the house for a maximum time. When the tenants want the heating on they add time to the timer (default is 2 hours max). When the timer runs out the heating turns off. Essentially they have to be; both in the house and want heating to turn it on. 

Can't the heating just be left running constantly?

No - the heating can only be turned on by the tenant for a certain time period, when it runs out the tenant will need to put more time onto the timer to get more heating. (2 hours maximum is the default, but the installer can change this to 3 or 4 hours maximum times)

Is there a frost protection setting?

Yes - if this option is set up on by the installer the heating will not drop below 7 °C.

Can I make it so the temperature won't drop below a certain level?

Yes - the installer can set it so the temperature will not drop below 7 °C (see frost setting above), or 14 °C (fabric protection) or 18 °C (background heat).

Will my tenants be cold in the mornings?

No - There is an optional auto-program function that can be selected when the landlord installs the Time:o:stat. This will allow the tenants either 1 or 2 hours of automatic heating at two times in the day. For example the tenants can easily set the Time:o:stat to automatically turn the heating on at 6.30am and again at 5.30pm. The installer can restrict this to 1 or 2 hours. The installer can also set an option to automatically turn off the auto-program if the unit is not touched for 36 hours.  

Can I restrict to a maximum temperature?

Yes - The normal operating range of temperatures for the Time:o:stat are 14-28 °C, however the installer can restrict the temperature to a maximum of 23 °C. 

How easy is it to install?

Yes - A qualified electrician can easily install the Time:o:stat in less than 30 minutes. 

Will it work with my boiler?

The Time:o:stat will simply replace an existing room thermostat. These are common to almost all boilers. There are always exceptions with some very specialist systems. However most regular system and combination boilers old and new will work with the Time:o:stat. With system boilers that use water tanks the time:o:stat will operate the heating only. You will need to use the existing timer or fit a new timer to operate the hot water heating cycle.  

Can I control it with an app or mobile phone?

No - The ethos of time:o:stat is that the heating is that the tenant operates the heating without the bills running up. The concept allows less micromanagement and hassle for the landlord. So the benefit are more time and money.

Are there discounts for social housing / large orders?

There are substantial discounts on the product page for buying Time:o:stats in sets of 5 units for portfolio and social housing needs.


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