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With wired and wireless models the Time:o:stat can easily retrofit and replace your current boiler room thermostat. Installation takes less than 30 mins and has a host of useful features which can be set by the landlord.


Easily retrofit and replace your current boilers room thermostat in less than 30 minutes


Take advantage of the advanced features to suit your tenants and properties needs.


Enjoy your day knowing you are cutting costs and that your tenants are comfortable. No micro-management is needed.


There are a number of features so you can customise your time:o:stat to the exact needs of your HMO. This is done during installation.

Countdown Heating Timer

Core Time:o:stat feature to limit the heating period to the duration added by the tenant to the timer


Allow tenants to set two times of the day where the heating comes on automatically for a limited period of time

Maximum temperature limit

You can set an upper temperature limit to a restricted 23 degrees if desired

Minimum Temperature limit

A range of minimum temperatures can be selected to ensure the house does not drop below a certain temperature

Comfort Warmth Mode

Innovative system where the longer the time added to the countdown the lower the maximum allowed temperature

Simple controls

A single interface screen showing heating time remaining with current and target temperature. With clear buttons to adjust time and temperature.

Choose a model that suits your property

Time:o:stat 3 - Wired (battery) HMO Thermostat

Time:o:stat wired directly into the boiler but needs a battery for power.


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Time:o:stat 3 - Wired (mains) HMO Thermostat

Time:o:stat wired directly into boiler but get its power from the boilers mains.


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Time:o:stat 3 - Wireless HMO Thermostat

Time:o:stat receiver unit wires directly into
boiler and Timeostat thermostat unit can be positioned wirelessly in another room.


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Time:o:stat 3 - Wireless 2-Channel HMO Thermostat

Time:o:stat model for a hot water tank and for those who want to control hot water times.


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Happy Landlord

The landlord can be confident that the heating is only running when there are tenants in the property and not paying to heat an empty house. The heating will not be running when tenants are at work or university, or when they are on holiday.

Happy Tenants

Your tenants will be able to access the heating whenever they wish. With the clear and simple controls they will be reassured that their landlord can’t remotely turn down their heating.


Don’t take our word for it. See what HMO owners say about the benefits of this simple, dedicated landlord thermostat.

“Saves a fortune”

“I have used around 10 now for my clients, these have been fitted as part of the refurbishments i have carried out and every client/landlord have seen great savings in their HMO's highly recommended.”

“Best thermostat for HMO”

“We have now installed about a dozen in different properties. As in a lot of HMOs the tenants have the heating set to on constantly. Our students have also now stopped using the radiators to dry their clothes during the summer.“


“Very easy to install and has saved us around 50% on our heating bills. Tenants are happy as they can put the heating on when they need it and the heating is not running when they are not at home.”


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Will the Time:o:stat work with my boiler?

Yes, the Time:o:stat is a replacement for your property’s regular room thermostat. They are compatible with both combi boilers and those with a hot water tank.

What version do I need?

There are both wireless and wired Time:o:stat's available. If you are replacing an existing wired thermostat then we recommend fitting a wired version. The wireless model gives you more flexibility. Click here for more information.

How easy is it to install?

Easy - A qualified electrician can easily install the Time:o:stat in less than 30 minutes.

Will my tenants get cold at night?

HMO properties usually have great insulation, but the temperature can drop at night in some older properties. Time:o:stat's advanced settings offer features such as; minimum temperatures, longer auto-program times and the innovative comfort and night warmth modes.