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Compare Models - New Time:o:stat 3

The Time:o:stat has evolved since launch in 2016. We like to listen to feedback from our customers to continually improve the Time:o:stat to ensure it is the perfect tool for landlords.

 Timeostat version comparison




Time:o:stat 2

Time:o:stat 3

Wireless Model

Wired Battery Model

Wired Mains Model


2 Channel Model



Zone Valve Model



Countdown heating timer (2 or 3hr)

Auto program options

Auto-drop option


Min. temp. options

Max. temp. options

Night warmth mode


Comfort mode


Signal strength mode



Wireless range*




Battery life**

12 months

12 months

18 months

LCD display




Polycarbonate screen



12 month warranty


Summary of changes for the Time:o:stat 3

Improved LCD and user interface with both target and room temperature display

Improved time/date setup

20% improvement in wireless range (wireless model)

Signal strength test mode (wireless model)

New white case design with stronger more durable plastics

Improved anti-glare poly-carbonate protective cover

Improved battery compartment (wired battery and wireless models)

Improved 18 month battery life (wired battery and wireless models)

Improved setup and installation process and manuals