Which TIME:O:STAT is best suits my needs?

3 models:

WIRED BATTERY – Time:o:stat wired directly into the boiler but needs a battery for power

WIRED MAINS – Time:o:stat wired directly into boiler but get its power from the boilers mains

WIRELESS – Time:o:stat receiver unit wires directly into boiler and Timeostat thermostat unit can be positioned wirelessly in another room


Questions to consider

  1. Do you already have a thermostat in place?

Yes? Is it wired or wireless?                  

If existing thermostat is wireless then replace with WIRELESS

If wired does it have 2 or 3 core cable running to it?

                           If it has 2 core the WIRED BATTERY is best

                           If it has 3 or 4 core then WIRED MAINS is best


  1. How close do you want the Time:o:stat to the boiler

If close then choose a WIRED MAINS – your electrician would simply run a 3 or 4 core cable between the boiler and the Time:o:stat.

If further away, in an adjacent room or you don’t wish to have a wire running between the Time:o:stat and the boiler -  then choose WIRELESS


  1. Is boiler a combi or does the boiler have a hot water tank?

The Time:o:stat is designed for combi boilers without a hot water tank.

The Time:o:stat WILL however work with a system boiler with a hot water tank. You may choose to purchase an additional single channel timer to control the hot water heating times. This is best recommended by your plumber/electrician.


  1. Does the house have solid brick walls? 

The radio frequency used by the wireless Time:o:stat passes easily through stud brick walls. However in many older properties the internal walls are solid brick. Radio waves have difficulty passing through solid brick walls and metal household appliances such as microwaves, cookers and fridges. If your property has solid internal brick walls, or the radio frequency path passes through a kitchen, then a wired Time:o:stat may be better suited to avoid connection problems.