Landlord HMO Thermostat

The TIME:O:STAT HMO Landlord Thermostat is a heating solution for Student accommodation, professional HMOs, serviced accommodation, holiday caravans and cottages. The TIME:O:STAT is easy for tenants to operate and help landlords reduce their HMO heating bills by 40%. 

Time:o:stat is an easy to use thermostat designed by an HMO landlord for HMO landlords. The preferred choice in over 15,000 rental properties. Time:o:stat is the landlords solution to high 'bills included' gas costs.

  • Countdown timer for heating
  • Simple controls
  • Fit and Forget Installation
  • No complex setup - works 'out of the box' on default settings
  • Electrician can install in less than 30 minutes
  • No micromanagement required from the landlord
  • Reduce your HMO heating bills by up to 40%
  • Minimum and Maximum temperature options
  • Auto-program settings limited by the landlord