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The Time:o:stat has a variety of options and features that can be set on installation by the landlord. This can help customise the Time:o:stat to the specific requirements of your HMO, Serviced Accommodation or even your own home.

Countdown Time Limits - 3 or 4 hours
The countdown timer for the heating can be set to an maximum time of either 2 hours (default) or 3 hours. (see the first video below)

Maximum Temperature Limits (23C or 28C)
The maximum temperature that can be selected can either be 28 degrees centigrade (default) or limited to 23 degrees centigrade.

Minimum Temperature Levels (7C, 14C or 19C)
The minimum temperature setting can ensure the property does not drop below a certain level. The default setting is 14 degrees centigrade. But this can be set at 7 degrees, 18 degrees or deactivated if desired.
Auto-Program Timer Twice Daily (1hr ,2hrs or 3hrs)
The auto-program mode is a neat function that allows the heating to come on twice per day automatically at times easily adjusted by the tenants. This means the house can be heated before the tenants wake up and return from work. ensuring the house is nice and warm. The default duration of the auto program is 2 x 1 hour. This can be customised at installation to be 2 or 3 hour periods or deactivated. If the Time:o:stat is not touched for 48 hours, the auto-program function will stop operating (it assumes additional heating is not required). The auto-program function can be easily re-activated by the tenants when desired. (See the second video below)

Night warmth Function  
An innovative way to give your tenants control of the heating without the bills running out of control. This option allows up to 8 hours of heating time to be added to the Time:o:stat. The first 2 or 3 hours countdown will operate at the normal temperature range. If time is added over this initial period the temperature is limited to 19 degrees centigrade. (See the third video below) 

Time:o:stat HMO thermostat - Basic functions

The video below explains how the Time:o:stat countdown timer can save landlords money on their 'bills included' rental properties.


Time:o:stat - What do the buttons do?

What do the 5 buttons on the Time:o:stat do? How does the auto-program mode work and how can it help me and my tenants? 


Time:o:stat - 'Night Warmth Function'

Take the chill off those cold nights with up to 8 hours of heating time. The additional time can be added to the Time:o:stat at a limited temperature.