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Many HMO landlords find that the heating bills are not their tenants top priority. The problem being, the heating is left on high while the tenants are out. TIME:O:STAT landlord heating controls will cut HMO heating bills dramatically.

TIME:O:STAT HMO themostats are an easy to use, tenant operated thermostats, that cut the heating off when a countdown timer runs out. HMO Bills are kept to a minimum as the heating can not be left running. It is hassle free as the tenants control the heating without the bills running out of control.

With wired and wireless models the TIME:O:STAT can easily retrofit and replace your current boilers room thermostat. Installation takes less than 30 minutes and has a host of useful features which can be set by the landlord at the point of installation.

The TIME:O:STAT has a variety of options and features that can be set on installation by the landlord. This can help customise the TIME:O:STAT to the specific requirements of your HMO, Serviced Accommodation or even your own home.

Countdown Time Limits - 2 or 3 hours

The countdown timer for the heating can be set to an maximum time of either 2 hours (default) or 3 hours.

Maximum Temperature Limits (23C or 28C)

The maximum temperature that can be selected can either be 28 degrees centigrade (default) or limited to 23 degrees centigrade.

Minimum Temperature Levels (7C, 14C, 18C, 19C or 20C)

The minimum temperature setting can ensure the property does not drop below a certain level. The default setting is 14 degrees centigrade. But this can be set at 7, 18, 19, 20 degrees or deactivated if desired.

Auto-Program Timer Twice Daily (1hr ,2hrs or 3hrs)

The auto-program mode is a neat function that allows the heating to come on twice per day automatically at times easily adjusted by the tenants. This means the house can be heated before the tenants wake up and return from work. ensuring the house is nice and warm. The default duration of the auto program is 2 x 1 hour. This can be customised at installation to be 2 or 3 hour periods or deactivated. The additional Auto-Off Function can be selected to deactivate the Auto-Program if program heating is not required.  If the Time:o:stat is not touched for 48 hours, the Auto-Off function will stop the Auto-Program times from operating (it assumes additional heating is not required). The auto-program function can be easily re-activated by pressing the :T:; button by the tenants when desired. (See the second video below)

Comfort Mode  

An innovative way to give your tenants control of the heating without the bills running out of control. This option allows up to 8 hours of heating time to be added to the Time:o:stat. The first 2 hours countdown will operate at the normal temperature range (either 28 or 23 degrees). If time is added over this initial period the temperature limit reduces the longer the countdown selected. If 3 or 4 hours are selected the max temp drops to 21 degrees. If 5 or 6 hours are added to the countdown timer the temperature limit drops to 20 degrees. If 7 or 8 hours are added then a maximum limit of 19 degrees centigrade can be selected.

Night-time Function

This function can operate alongside the Comfort Mode. It simply restricts comfort mode operation to night-time. Tenants will be able to operate the Time:o:stats other regular heating functions throughout the day, However between the hours of 8pm and 8am they will have the additional ability to use the comfort mode. This allows the tenants to put the heating on for longer periods on colder winter evenings and throughout the night. The comfort mode will however prevent the heating being put on high for those longer time periods.

Season Mode

The Time:o:stat can be setup with winter and summer specific settings. When installed the winter settings would be selected according to the landlords preference. This could include for example: a 3 hour countdown, 3 hour auto-program, 18 degree minimum temperature, 28 degree maximum temperature and comfort mode. If the Season Mode is selected these settings would be active from 1st September until 31st May. However during the summer months (June, July and August) the Time:o:stat's settings are restricted to: 2 hour countdown, 1 hour auto-program with auto-off, no minimum temperature, 23 degree maximum temperature and comfort mode disabled. This allows the tenants the ability to access the heating, but restricts the maximum temperature and duration to help discourage drying clothes on the radiators.

Time:o:stat HMO thermostat - Basic functions

The video below explains how the Time:o:stat countdown timer can save landlords money on their 'bills included' rental properties.

Below is information on the comfort mode for latest Timeostat HMO Thermostat

Below is a video on how to change the advanced settings on the 2020-2022 model of Timeostat. (Please note the latest version of the Timeostat uses an on screen display to change the advanced settings)

Below is an interview with Property Tribes introducing the first version of the Time:o:stat back in June 2016

 Time:o:stat - 'Comfort Mode'

Take the chill off those cold nights with up to 8 hours of heating time. The additional time can be added to the Time:o:stat at a limited temperature.